Organizing Your Food World

This morning I dropped by the grocery store to pick up a few items and was pleasantly surprised to run into a client.  I could not help looking in her grocery cart.  Most of the time, I’m “off duty” in the store but curiosity got the best of me.  For the record, she got a passing grade.

We spoke for a few moments and she reminded me of one of the things that helps an individual with being successfully nutritious:  planning and organizing your food.

Many times a day I hear “if I could just get organized I would be okay.”  Surprisingly, when you get in the mindset of organizing your food, things fall into place.

Plan your Week- Start with Breakfast

Making a list once a week of what you need for most of your meals is the first step.  If you eat yogurt or cottage cheese with nuts and fruit for breakfast, or eggs with fruit, make sure you have enough of those items to last the week.  If you are on the run, make be sure you have some sliced cheese and a fruit and you’re good to go.

On to Lunch

For lunch, Jeffrey’s Chicken Salad is a good one for lunches and easy to make with baked or leftover chicken.  A container of the chicken salad and a fruit works well for an easy lunch.  CORE (clean out the refrigerator) salad is also a good lunch time item – put whatever leftover veggies, fruit, protein (chicken, meat, fish, hard-boiled eggs and cheese) over lettuce with some lemon, olive oil and vinegar.

Healthy Snacks?

For snacks, Trader Joes sells 1 ounce bags of nuts and sliced hard cheeses.  Have one of these and some fruit and it will last you till dinner.  My clients know I like the Mauk Family Farms Wheat Free Crusts – very satiating and provide that crunch we desire without having to fall into the temptation of processed carbohydrates.

Weekend Cooking for Dinners?

For dinner, making 2 entrees on the weekend you can heat up during the week and adding a salad is easy for those that work full time.  After working all day, the last thing I want to do is come home and make a full dinner.  Having these entrée items to choose from can prevent an on the way home unhealthy takeout.

At first it takes more forethought and getting into a new routine.  After a few weeks, you’ll be on autopilot and wonder why you ever had a hard time with your food.  An ounce of planning prevention provides low stress nutritious living.