The Misfit in Santa Monica – Clean Foods Only

IMG_0032Multiple times a day clients ask me “Where can I eat on the West side that has the type of food you are recommending?”

Since options are scarce, I would draw a blank and try to divert them to eating at home and limiting their eating out meals. That changed a few days ago.

Bob Lynn of LGO (La Grande Orange) recently opened up The Misfit, a true clean eating restaurant approved by me.

Bob believes in real whole foods and stands by the principles I believe in with respect to every item on the menu.

I went to The Misfit and was beyond impressed.  There is a plethora of choices on the menu to try and are all organic, balanced and stocked full of nutrients.   Executive Chef Bruce Kalman has outdone himself and encourages patrons to ask questions about the food.

What are the items I look for?

  • Organic vegetables, which Chef Bruce purchases three times per week at the Santa Monica Farmer’s markets
  • Grass-fed meat, and pastured chicken called Jidori, both from animals that eat grass and not corn like most protein served in 99.9% of restaurants
  • Variety with respect to protein choices, both meat and vegetarain
  • A variety of vegetables (which is beyond imaginable with this menu)
  • Multiple gluten-free choices and entrees for those who are sensitive and/or have Celiac disease.

What did I try?

A few wonderful appetizers, the best of which was “peas, English + snap, tendrils, sprouts + opal basil” which had a wonderful flavor, crunchy texture and was just enough to take the edge off your appetite and avoid eating the bread (which by the way is non-existent so there is nothing to tempt you).

Jeffrey and I split the “asparagus salad” which has lemon, parmesan-reggiano, and a poached egg on it.  It was light, colorful, crunchy and satisfying.

For the entrees I had the “bk’s chopped kale salad, sunflower seeds, midnight moon goat cheese and grilled chicken” and Jeffrey had “the misfit burger” which was grass-fed Paso prime beef.
My mouth has not been that happy in a long timeIMG_0057IMG_0046
The kale salad was an absolute “10” for me and the burger a “10” for Jeffrey.  Both were balanced, layered with great flavor and extremely satisfying.  I would seriously eat this salad every day if given the choice.

I also sampled a few bites of the “mac and cheese.”  Most of you know that is not something I would normally eat but this one (there’s always a but, right?) is gluten-free with lots of organic Oregon Cheddar Cheese.  It provides again a great alternative to those who want a gluten-free entrée that contains more protein than most and a nice treat.  And it is perfect entrée for picky children.

And the true test…

of whether a restaurant has “clean” food is the next day for me.  Since I eat organic foods free of hormones if I do eat out my body feels bloated, and out of sorts the next day.  I am usually up 2-3 pounds on the scale from the extra salt and additives.

Result – nothing – no weight gain, felt great and no physical symptoms.

If you want to treat yourself, go directly to the Misfit.  It is truly a Misfit in Santa Monica and all of the Westside as far as I’m concerned since nothing rivals it.  Tell Bob and Bruce I sent you and enjoy your clean-eating meal.  Your pocketbook and body will thank you the next day.