West 4th Jane Food

IMG00049-20110811-1829Late this afternoon we were in downtown Santa Monica to get some Euros for our upcoming trip to France and on the way back to the garage stumbled on this fun restaurant.  I had not yet heard of it so I looked at the menu, was impressed and thought – why not?

West 4th Jane opened about 2 years ago and has a fun casual feel.  Lots of great booths combined with community tables.  Jeffrey and I just happened to be there during happy hour which was easy on the purse since many entrees are half price.

They have rotating beers on a weekly basis with a very eclectic menu that caters to foodies, the healthy crowd and just good old-fashioned comfort food.

We chose 3 things to sample:

  • Chef Summer Salad (Quinoa and Santa Monica Farmer’s market veggies with feta)
  • Fish Tacos (Grilled mahi mahi wrapped in butter lettuce with mango avocado salsa)
  • Grass-fed Lamb burger with goat Cheese, caramelized onions, & Chipotle Aioli with polenta fries

IMG00053-20110811-1847We split the Chef salad which was as “clean” as they come.  The dressing was so light you hardly noticed it which allowed you to taste the veggies and quinoa along with feta cheese.  I would have liked the veggies to be a little more cooked but besides that it’s a great healthy choice.

The fish tacos are exactly what I recommend – grilled fish with mango on a bed of butter lettuce (low carb).  They had a tangy flavorful taste.  On a hungry night you might have to add a salad to this entrée but for me it was the perfect portion size.

IMG00055-20110811-1848 Jeffrey got the lamb burger which was flavorful and a good choice if you have a hankering for a burger.  The surprise of the night was the polenta fries – OMG!  I never eat fries but these are carbohydrate heaven.  They don’t even taste fried – just like little “cakes” of polenta with some sea salt.  Definitely worth the bite for a splurge and a moderate portion so you’re not tempted to eat a plateful.  Eating one was enough for me.

I met the owner Steven Lieberman who was as friendly as they come and provides great service – felt like an old chum – make him the perfect person to own this pub.

If you are down at the promenade and need a fun casual place for dinner with tasty food West 4th Jane is your place.  For us it was a great start to our vacation in a few days.

Reasonable prices with clean eating food choices – definitely a gem in this Westside sea city.

My rating system is below and these are the numbers.

  1. Clean Food (sampled) – 4
  2. Clean Space – 3
  3. Friendly Staff – 4.5
  4. Balanced proportions of protein/carb/fat – 4.5
  5. No Food Hangover – 4

 West 4th Jane got a 4/5.