Boulettes Larder at the Ferry Building

IMG_0038This past weekend I was in San Francisco for my annual diabetes conference and was beyond excited to go back to my most favorite restaurant of all time – Boulettes Larder.  I do a fair number of restaurant reviews for “clean eating” restaurants but never have I found such amazing flavorful, sustainable food within a warm setting.  And everyone in the restaurant from the patrons to the kitchen workers seem happy to be there and in sync with those around them.  It is a well-balanced environment that is very harmonious.

Jeffrey and I elected to sit at the community farm table to enjoy the kitchen action and Bay view to savor our long awaited lunch.

We started with cauliflower and parsnip soup, which had little dots of apple cider vinegar on top.  The mix of vegetable/root vegetable was a hit and the vinegar gave it the right tartness to balance the soup.  I rarely order soup in a restaurant since after one taste I’m salted out but this was light, perfectly flavored and filling.

_MG_0047 Next I had to choose an entrée, which was hard given all the choices, but with the help of our waiter Cole I selected the braised lamb shoulder with citrus zest, saffron and rosemary carrots and cauliflower.  The lamb was lean and fell off the bone in a wonderful tasty broth that was pure comfort food – perfect for the sunny yet nippy weather outside.

It reminded me of those pictures you see in a magazine of the perfect stew that looks amazing but is hard to replicate yourself. 

Jeffrey chose the boneless chicken breast with sautéed spinach and spicy lentils.  The chicken was perfectly cooked and the spinach/lentil combo was refreshing and new.  He could not stop talking about the flavors and how his meal kept the perfect temperature from start to finish.

_MG_0055 One unique touch I have not seen other places is that Chef Amaryll Schwertner assembles and oversees every plate of food that leaves the kitchen – maybe one reason why their food is flawless.

If you read my reviews you know I rarely have dessert but this is one place dessert is an absolute must.

After laboring, we decided on the olive oil ice-cream apple cake.  It was a hardy, thick cake with homemade ice-cream and baked apples – not too sweet and just the right size and balance of all 3 so the carb content did not leave you feeling bloated or like you really went south on your diet.

_MG_0061 At the end of the meal Jeffrey thought there was something odd underneath the table and reached down to pick up the “coat” and then we noticed it was a dog – a Hungarian sheep dog named Boulette with chocolate dreadlocks– she was there the whole time and just hangs out and sleeps while the customers enjoy their food.

If you happen to be going to San Francisco this is one you don’t want to miss – open for breakfast and lunch only. 

This lunch coupled with all the delightful treats in the Ferry Building make a wonderful addition to a SF retreat.

Ask to sit at the community table so you can enjoy the food and action and tell owner Lori Regis I said hello.  You will not be disappointed – I’m just disappointed B/L is not in Los Angeles…but then again it would not have the same wonderful feel it does in San Francisco.

My rating system is below and these are the numbers.

1. Clean Food (sampled) – 5

2. Clean Space – 5

3. Friendly Staff – 5+

4. Balanced proportions of protein/carb/fat – 5

5. No Food Hangover – 5

Boulettes Larder got a 5 – highest I’ve ever rated a restaurant!