Vacation, Food and Challenges

IMG-20120620-00527I hardly ever go on vacation.  So when I heard the Motivational Interviewing Conference this year was in Venice, Italia I jumped on registering and decided to add amother week for fun and research.

Italy is having a “Indian Summer’ as they call it so it is hot, muggy and challenging to walk around.  My conference was on a little island off Venice called San Servolo, just a 10 minute ride in a water taxi.  I really enjoyed the land of no cars, spending time with my European friends called “Mintie’s” (Motivational Interviewing of Network Trainers) and learning about how to help my clients with Motivational Interviewing.

Food is fresh, interesting and challenging.  Our hotel is Venice was great – plain yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, sliced cheese, fruit and tea for breakfast.  However, the conference lunches were mostly pasta salads, fruit and some regular salads with minimal protein.  The one day they had veggies I loaded up and got as much protein from the other dishes that I could.  I brought almonds with me each day to add which helped with the deficit.

Once we got to Rome we realized our hotel was not only across from the US Embassy but also next door to a little grocery store – safe on two fronts.  On the second day we were rushing to get to our tour of the Vatican. If you have not been to Rome you may not know the challenge of the streets – slippery, narrow and awkward.  The last time I was in Rome 20 years ago my young feet did not care but now I was carefully watching my steps.  However, one step I did not see and there it was – flat on my hands with a badly sprained ankle.

IMG-20120621-00536 Sitting in the hotel room for 2 days has not been all that fun but I’m getting by with the help of the little grocery store.  Since my activity level is null I don’t require all that much food so a little salad with romaine, argula, tomatoes, carrots, walnuts and a little fresh ricotta on the side hit the spot.  The little salad came with a small 1 ounce packet each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar – something I wish existed in America versus the cheap packets of dressing with suboptimal ingredients.  I ate a fresh nectarine as well and somehow the fruit is a bit sweeter here.  Maybe it’s just my imagination but Jeffrey agrees as well.

Tomorrow we go to Amsterdam and I’m hoping my ankle will hold up with the 2 days of icing, elevating and resting.  If you don’t know the acronym RICE (no, not food) is the way to go with injuries – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  Although I don’t like it I’m being a good patient and wish you all well till I arrive home in a week.