A Few More New Product Finds…

Last week I gave you some new finds from the Natural Foods Expo but I had a few more companies I was already familiar with but wanted to share their new products, which are worth you knowing about.

  • Sweet Ella Peanut Butter – I’ve been recommending Koeze’sCrème Nut Peanut butter for a while but this new one is beyond amazing.  Many of you know peanut butter is probably my favorite food and this one tastes very close to homemade.

Not only it is just made with just peanuts and sea salt, but also it is organic, minimally processed and from a small company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  If you’ve ever tasted Spanish peanuts they have in my opinion a cleaner taste and Sweet Ella’s uses this type of peanut.  Unfortunately it just debuted at the show so you have to order off their website.  I just ordered 2 cases if that tells you how much I like it.

  •  Lifeway Plain Kefir – Drinking Kefir is a great way to get your natural daily probiotics.  Lifeway uses milk from grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free cows and contains 12 probiotics cultures.  Many Kefirs taste sour and although this one is still a bit sour it is much less than others and has a clean, fresh taste.  If you want to flavor it I recommend adding your own fruit and a little honey.pralmondhoneyimgbt


  •  Almond Honey RISE Bar – although I am not a big fan of bars, this one fits the criteria with only 3 ingredients – almonds, honey and whey protein.  It tastes a little like the Bit-o-Honey candy from years ago and contains 20 grams of protein per day.  It is non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no soy.  A great find for a on the go between meal snack and small meal.
  •  Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega mini’s – I finally found an omega 3 fish oil pill that smells good without any fishy taste.  This one has a natural strawberry smell and taste so if you are making excuses not to take your fish oil, here’s a good solution to that problem.


  • NuttZo Seven Nut and Seed Butter – one more nut butter but this one is worth knowing about.  They have 3 versions – the original, which contains peanuts, cashews, almonds, Brazil and hazel nuts, sunflower and flax seeds.  The second one has all those ingredients along with dark chocolate chips (70%).  The third one is peanut free and contains cashews, almonds, Brazil and hazel nuts, chia, flax and pumpkin seeds.  They all contain sea salt and that’s it – nothing else.  If you want a nice variation on peanut butter that keeps it interesting, here’s it is.blue-jar


As you can see here a few simple additions to add to your pantry…tasty, healthy and show stoppers…