A Few New Finds…

Every few months I like to share some new and fun things I’ve found to help your journey along the health path so here we go.

Essential Oils

No, these are not oils that you eat but rather use to help various symptoms you may be having. I heard about a company called doTerra that makes quality essential oils. I tried the peppermint the last few months by rubbing it on my palms and inhaling the smell. Not only did it help clear my sinuses but invigorated me for the day in a way I was truly surprised by.

This company has many types of essential oils for various symptoms such as upset stomach, anxiety, etc. DigestZen is the essential oil that can help those with digestive issues while lavender oil can help with calmness and decreasing anxiety. Take a look at their impressive list of oils – an easy way to add to your health library rather than having to take a pill.

Mr. Cheese O’s

I don’t normally endorse these types of snacks but Mr. Cheese O’s have a great punch with healthy ingredients including milk, quinoa, brown rice, and cheese. They come in little containers and even a few can help those wanting something savory and crunchy. A whole bag contains only 6 carbohydrates. Jeffrey loves them and they come in a variety of flavors.

Strength Stack 52

Tired of having to go to the gym or needing a trainer? Here’s a simple way to do a few exercises a day. Mike Volkin designed stacks of cards to use while traveling or for at home. The card stack has varied levels of exercises and is a good way to keep in shape, especially while on the road. Each card has instructions, a picture and the level of difficulty. There is even a video link on each card in case you want more instructions.

So there you have it – essential oils for healthy aromatic enhancement, something new to crunch on and an innovative way to start or mix up your exercise routine.