Italian Intern…my 6 weeks with Susan

After being Susan’s intern for almost 6 weeks and transitioning from the Italian nutrition to American nutrition world what have I learned in the process?


  • The value of social media and getting your message across to the public, something which is not a priority in Italy
  • The importance of writing and articulating solid nutritional information
  • The vast difference between American eating patterns versus those of Italians
  • The importance of my culture and how I could take the best part of my Italian heritage and incorporate it into my new American life with integrity
  • Being able to assist in writing Susan’s new cookbook (stay tuned) and how challenging it can be formulating new recipes with ingredients and spices since I never followed a recipe in Italy. The research and nutrition of recipes was beyond my imagination and requires a passion and dedication to the process
  • I increased my knowledge of many aspects of nutrition not available to me before which furthered my desire to be the best RD I could be

And the bonus was I lost a few pounds during this rotation since I increased my knowledge of insulin resistance and how to navigate the American diet through Susan’s guidelines.

Being with Susan gave me back the serenity I was looking for. Moving forward, I now feel more motivated and confident with the next steps in my life and know it will be for the better.  Stay tuned for my upcoming website:

This blog was co-written by Susan Dopart and RD Intern Antonella Rica