Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life

Jeffrey Batchelor ImagesPart of becoming a Registered Dietitian is going to various rotations in different work environments to learn all aspects of the field of nutrition.

My rotation for the past 3 weeks has been in a private practice setting with Susan Dopart. Though short, my time spent with her was powerful and life changing. Although most of the time I worked on Susan’s new cookbook, blogs and YouTube videos (soon to come), the most powerful lessons I learned were not distilled from a textbook.

Susan helped me in unexpected ways and gave me some precious tips on how to navigate with becoming a professional dietitian.

Given my Asian upbringing, I sometimes feel uncomfortable in new settings not knowing what to expect, what to say or if questions are welcomed. Through motivational interviewing and my conversations with Susan, she asked me open-ended questions, which increased my confidence in expressing myself, and being receptive to new responsibilities.

I had become weary from the stressors of internship but now I am able to reach inside myself and remember my passion for becoming an RD.

Though my conversations with Susan I realized part of the beauty of life is the mystery of not knowing exactly what will happen. If each day was predictable, then life would be boring.

Some questions Susan asked were “when you wake up in the morning, what would you like your day to look like? What new experiences will you encounter, and what might you learn? Who might you meet?”

Before I came to Susan, I was stuck in a box, and she opened it up for me.

Just like breaking free from white rice from my first blog, I can now step outside of the box I was stuck in and experience the gifts that this internship has to offer.

My perspective on life has changed and I cannot wait to unwrap the mysteries of 2015.

This blog was co-written by Susan Dopart and RD intern Nora Ko.