Dreaming in 2015

Although we know New Year’s resolutions do not work long-term the new year somehow brings in hopes for better things to come.

What would you like your next year to look like? Are there things you would like it to be different?

Most of us yearn for change in one way or another. I have some changes on my horizon for this year, plus things in the queue, as I like to say.

As I write this blog I’m looking at a chest we have in our home with “Life’s Treasures” on top of it that eloquently summarizes A Recipe for Life and reminds me of what’s important.

Writing books are challenging and takes an enormous amount of effort but I hear the cries of those I work with and my readers asking for change so I am listening.

I am working on 3 books at the same time – all synergistic but different: a book on insulin resistance and menopause, a book on controlling blood sugars with diabetes and a cookbook based on balance, simplicity and alternatives for those with insulin resistance who want healthy recipes with taste and health in mind. Jeffrey is hard at work creating amazing dishes that fit the template for our guidelines.

Do I want to put in the work and time required for this? To be honest, it’s more than challenging.

So how do I do I stay focused for the task at hand? How do I dedicate the time to writing, recipe testing and due diligence to create products that have integrity?

How do we make health changes? We know it is going to require thinking about our time and how we manage it in new ways to be successful with change.

At first it is challenging – making time for meals and exercise/activity requires planning and creating habits that are sustainable. The future rewards make your life more vibrant and manageable but in the moment the rewards are abstract.

Although writing can be tedious and time-consuming the rewards I see from having books that help those with insulin resistance makes my heart smile in unimaginable ways.

The dream of making life better for the world – that is my heart’s desire and hopefully the changes you decide to make in 2015 are ones that help keep your heart healthy and strong creating dreams that carry you through your lifetime.