Superbowl 2015 Food Frenzy

Any plans for Superbowl Sunday? Is about the game, the half time show or the food?   People all across the country are planning their Sunday around this one event.

Did you know that Superbowl Sunday is the second biggest eating day of the year behind Thanksgiving?

The average consumption of calories is 2400 during just those 3 hours of watching the Superbowl, approximately 600 over the average intake for a female for an entire day and 100 for a male.

The top 3 foods consumed are chips and dip, chicken wings and pizza in that order.

AND none of this eating involves activity unless you count cheering and jumping off the sofa as burning extra calories.

If looking like Tom Brady or even his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen is your ideal you not achieve this by following the statistics of Superbowl grazing.

You may be saying “hey – it’s just one day and sort of a national holiday” or “I’ll make up the yards tomorrow.”

That may be true but let’s look at the stats so you don’t fumble your week.

If you eat the rest of your meals in moderation on Sunday you will mostly likely consume well over 4000 calories for the day, which could more than double your normal caloric intake.

Eating large amounts of food, carbs, and starches can increase insulin resistance and weight gain possibility affecting you for 7-10 days following your fumble.

How can you enjoy the game and not feel sacked on Monday morning?

  1. Enjoy your usual balanced breakfast and lunch so your blood glucose levels aren’t crashing as 3 pm, which can more than tempt you and is a set-up for overeating.
  1. Ask yourself what food at the event is the most important to you? What would you miss if you did not sample even a little?
  1. Bring some safe healthy treats you enjoy.

Here are some ideas for salty, creamy and crunchy snacks to satisfy your cravings:

Pistachios – you have to shell them so they take time to eat and provide salt and crunch along with fiber, protein and monounsaturated or good fats for your health.

Deviled eggs – high in protein, choline (lowers stress in the body) and lutein for eye health as well as filling and not the usual food faire you eat on a regular basis.  Use regular mayo since the low fat or lite contains high fructose corn syrup.

Guests love Guac: swap out chips for guacamole with crudités – colorful and crunchy for a very satisfying snack.  Hummus is also a great option if you don’t love the guac.

Swapping out snacks with some healthier options and being mindful about how much you are actually consuming during the game may save you and your metabolism for the following week, starting off in the black with money in your health bank account.

Now that’s a sure touchdown for a Superbowl win!