Ingo’s Tasty Diner

IMG_2062The thought of eating at a diner conjure fond memories for some. Remember sitting at the counter, looking at the pies and treats under glass domes, and enjoying those favorite comfort foods? Over the decades the institution of diners and their patrons were replaced with quick, fast food conveniences.

Moving forward we can now come full circle to what was once popular with a new flair…the art of diners and their patrons are coming back…but this time with discerning palates desiring depth, trend and healthy choices.

IMG_2066 2One current option in our restaurant poor Westside is the new Ingo’s Tasty Diner, which replaces the historical Callahan’s Restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard, one of Santa Monica’s original diner greats.

Bob Lynn brings to life a new, fresh concept to diner eating with healthy versions of classic greats. All this wrapped up in a vintage space with a hip vibe with just the right twist for a good time.

The tasty food coupled with the plastic red water glasses along with the different patterns of dishes creates a gourmet dining experience with modern-day taste all along with making you feel you are back in time with friends.

IMG_2065 2

Options abound including various protein dishes, vegetarian entrees, veggies with flair, gluten-free dishes, etc. with a fun impressive menu to tempt you, and you might even find a mermaid in your drink. Ingo’s uses grass-fed meat, Jidori chicken and wild fish and organic produce for clean eating.

My favorite was the Crispy Brussels Sprouts with toasted marcona almonds with goat cheese dipping sauce – the portion was generous and was so satisfying I could have stopped there but there was more to come.

IMG_2070 2Bob is the burger man, the master of this classic, combining grass-fed meat with no additives, served up perfectly every time. We had the burger with Wisconsin cheese and it melted in your mouth.

As for those tempting treats under the glass dome? Well it looks and even tastes far better. For dessert Jeffrey could not get enough of the oversized chocolate cookie dusted perfectly with flaked sea salt. I had the green-tea gluten-free macaroon, which tasted like it came right from Paris.

IMG_2068 2

If you want an amazing meal that is fun, hip and delicious this is the place to go. Ingo’s does not take reservations, so best to go early and enjoy being back in time. The food and hospitality are worth the visit!