Healthy Finds for the New Year

IMG_3014Here’s to the New Year with some cool food and health care products that may change not only your morning but also how the rest of your day goes, and even your slumber. Being the undecided voter I’m always skeptical and wait to comment as to whether a product can really be of benefit. I use the product over time to make sure it really does make a difference.

Here are 3 finds worth sharing to improve your health:

Grass-Fed Yogurts are finally mainstreamed in the market and a far cry from the corn/soy fed ones with multiple ingredients, flavors, dyes, and sugars. Two I recently found have great taste, no sugars added and lots of protein.

If you prefer the thick Greek kind Greek Pastures whole milk yogurt has a nice creamy taste. Organic Valley’s new plain regular whole milk yogurt has a European yogurt taste with a wonderful cream top. I actually like mixing them together for my morning breakfast, topped with berries, sliced almonds and ground flax seed for a rich satisfying meal before I start my day.

IMG_3022How about a new lip balm, moisturizer and great soap? If you’ve ever experienced dry lips and skin here’s one for you. I was on the hunt for new products after I attended a botox seminar, what I really wanted was a lip balm that would actually help prevent chapped lips that I would not have to re-apply every 5 minutes and booda organics came from the rescue.

A fairly new company whose products have great ingredients and actually work the first time you use them. The lip balm has only a few ingredients including coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. The moisturizer contains organic shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive and jojoba oil. The dry patches on my skin have disappeared since using it and the soap is great for morning showers.

Finally, although I’ve blogged before about essential oils I’ve found some new uses for them. Doterra is a great brand but you can also find many good ones at organic grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. Peppermint is great for clearing your sinuses and I feel more energy throughout the day when I rub on my wrists and breathe it in.

Lavender is great for calming and relaxation – even rubbing a drop or two on your stomach can help with tension. If you grind your teeth at night rubbing some on your jaw before bed can help with bruxism.  Frankincense can help with mood and headaches.

IMG_3025Oil of oregano on the back of the throat can be great for sore throats and your immune function. Mix and match these oils for fun but realize they can really help with small ailments, making for a healthier choice than medications for ailments.

Over Christmas Jeffrey started getting a sore throat and after a few drops of the oregano it stopped hurting and his cold started getting better immediately.

New products emerge every day to aid with our health, nutrition, and daily balance. Doing your research and selecting wisely can create an environment of nourishing products to help you maneuver on your life journey.