Year End Reflections…

As I closed up the office for the final working day of the year I noticed my plant that was happily sprouting new shoots.  33 years ago I planted this beauty in my rent controlled apartment in Berkeley when I needed some stress relief from studies.  Little did I realize it would follow me throughout my career in every office I’ve had without much attention except a little water every week and some plant food every now and then.

I have to wonder if my plant could speak what it would share.  It’s heard every client story, tear and frustration since I’ve been in private practice, endured a few moves and still lives happily in the space I’ve given it with a few pot upgrades.

As I reflected this morning on my walk with Perry our Weimaraner I have much to be grateful for.  I have wonderful clients who trust me with their struggles and dreams of a more healthful life.  I have my loyal friends and a healthy spouse and canine son who have chosen to be with me in this journey we call life.

This year of travel, as we’ve called it, brought us to Arizona, both coasts of Canada, and India.  Each trip enhanced my knowledge of nutrition research, life challenges and seeing humanity with fresh new eyes.

Like the long vines on this plant, this year showed me beauty, with each trip pruning my knowledge of nutrition and life.

I wonder if this plant would have survived to be as healthy if it had not been hearing all conversation in the office each day?  There is a proverb that states if a person enjoys his work there is no better gift in life.  I wonder if my plant mimics how blessed I am to have the life I do with helping others achieve health and happiness.  My hope for each of you this coming year is to achieve your dreams of health and peace with one another.