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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution versus LAUSD

If you watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last week it was beyond disturbing.

A chef comes from England to help America eat healthier and is treated like a criminal. We live in Los Angeles, one of the most progressive cities in the world with medicinal pot dispensaries, but cannot “afford” healthy food our children.

Where is the freedom and democracy that our country was built on?

The Los Angeles school board has given Jamie looks that could kill when he shows up at meetings, forbid him to enter any school kitchen or cafeteria and almost sent police officers if he showed up on school premises.

It is now a known fact that this generation of children will not live as long as their parents.  With diabetes, heart disease and cancer on the rise it is hard to think they have a chance at health at all.  And one of the main causes?

The American diet. Somehow we’ve forgotten that kids need to eat healthy also. 

With sugared cereals, colored sugary drinks and milk, an abundance of processed and fast foods it’s a wonder they are as healthy and resilient as they are now. This way of eating is not the way America used to eat.

We as a society must stop the desire of instant gratification for our youth by allowing them to have destructive food choices.

I’ve never had so many insulin resistant children in my practice who are sluggish throughout the day, with little to no energy to even be at school never mind run in P.E.  One 13 year old I see would try to pace himself so he could actually have enough energy to get through his day.  Unusual?   It’s more common than you think.

The results after 2 weeks of having a child or teen consume clean non-processed foods with more protein?  Energy way up, weight down and sleep much improved.  Food is powerful in so many ways.

When are we going to wake up and realize our children can’t continue to subsist on processed foods full of ingredients you can’t even say or recognize?

Hopefully Jamie Oliver’s Revolution can make a dent in achieving small changes in the school system which will provide a bridge and open up the conversation for health in our youth.  Until then, consider purging your home and diet of processed packaged foods with more than 5 ingredients. 

And if you have children in your life, consider making a healthy meal with them, or shopping at the Farmer’s market for fruits, and vegetables – you may be saving a life.

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Reader Comments (3)

This is author and columnist, David Lawrence Dewey.  I have been writing about the dangers of hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, excess sugar in processed food and other toxins in the food supply since 1996.

I was the first journalist to warn consumers about hydrogenated oils and aspartame
and other artificial sweeteners in 1996.

Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers

I have written an extensive article about this fiasco with the LAUSD school district and I show by actual school menu items, what is in the food the school district is serving and how deadly they are. One lunch item
has over 1,400 MG of sodium. This has been kept from students, parents for too long.  You can read it on my website at:


Also, sugar free milk? Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame/Equal and Splenda are more deadly that sugar.
Read my article: Aspartame - Sweetness or Death? http://www.dldewey.com/aspar.htm

If you are a student, I ask you to please read this article and the links to my other articles on the deadly toxins in processed food and how children as young as ten are developing diabetes, heart disease,learning problems because of poor diet.  Email your friends about my article and if you have one of these diseases I would like to hear from you.  You can contact me through my website.

Jaime Oliver is trying to save lives, just as I have since 1996, let him in the schools!

April 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Lawrence Dewey

I live in Manchester England and I am disgusted with the apathy shown to the future generation of US citizens having watched Jamie Olivers tv program . Aparantly the series has been axed through falling ratings . Well if true it is a disgrace.

May 29, 2011 | Unregistered Commentertwlldyn

Jamie Oliver's cookbook is one of the best healthy foods of 2010. The sales tripled of what was expected.

buy alli

August 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterStefano

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