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Green Tea and Me

If you had asked me 2 months ago if I drink green tea I would have replied:  I only drink black tea and avidly drink a pot a day.  Although I know green tea was better for your health, it was not as appealing to me.

All that changed recently when I got a bad allergy attack with sinus issues.  For some odd reason my black tea did not interest me.  We had a few packets of green tea from the Naturals Food Expo so I tried them and felt better.  In fact, I felt so much better I went out and bought a few boxes of green tea and haven’t looked back.

What are the studies showing regarding green tea?  It contains important polyphenols called Catechins.  Polyphenols are antioxidants that are known for reducing heart disease and cancer since they can lower cholesterol levels and inflammation in the body.

Green tea also contains a bonus polyphenol called EGCG which has been associated with reduced risk of prostate, stomach and colon cancer.

A few studies show a slightly elevated metabolism from drinking green tea although this benefit is still under investigation and questionable.  I’m not questioning the studies since my clothes are fitting looser.

This week I posed the question on twitter:  what is your favorite green tea? Of all 730 people I received one response- proof that not many people are drinking it.

So far the brands I preferred are Tazo Zen, Allegro Organic Decaf and Pomegranate and Matcha green tea which is supposedly the cream of the crop type in Japan and considerably more expensive.  A usual box of green tea is 3-5 dollars and the Matcha was 20 dollars although it came it a beautiful tin and I savored each cup.

Give green tea a try – hopefully you won’t have to be sick to be willing.  The benefits are compelling.  And if you want a few months of black tea give me a call – I have a stock of it I won’t be consuming anytime soon.