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What about those Plastic Bottles?

A few months ago I decided to stop drinking out of plastic bottles.  Besides the continual search to become greener, I am concerned about the level of BPA or endocrine disruptors that can be part of the plastics.  I know some plastic is deemed “safe” but wanted to see if I felt better if I avoided it.  One thing I recommend to clients when they ask me if they should stop or start something new is to give it thought a “30 day experiment.”  If you feel better after 30 days continue and if not abandon ship.

Since it seems almost everything affects your metabolism and health after 40 it’s hard to tell but I did notice a difference even after just one week.  Therefore, I happily continued making my pot of green tea every morning and poured it into a few glass bottles to go to work.

Drinking out of glass tastes very “clean” and refreshing.  About a week ago I went to a party and was there longer than I planned for and was offered a bottle of water.  Since I was rather thirsty I decided to have it rather than getting dehydrated.  It was interesting how much I tasted the plastic and it made me wonder…

If I was actually able to taste the plastic what was it doing to my body?

Jeffrey brought home a “box” of water from a new company called Boxed Water is Better.  It does not have the plastic taste and provides a better alternative for water on the run…and the box is biodegradable.

With an estimation of up to six times the amount of plastic particles versus plankton in our ocean’s waters today we have an obligation to cut down on our plastic consumption and find other ways to meet our conveniences.

And for health we all know not to use plastic in the microwave and avoid leaving water bottles in a hot car.  But if you think about it how are those water bottles transported?  Many are in hot trucks in tow to their location which is not exactly like the microwave but how much is it affecting our health, hormones and happiness?

Research is still young, but I’m still going to continue making my tea and using my glass bottles for now.  Besides helping the environment, my body is telling me it prefers glass so I’m paying attention. 

Now that is stepping out of the box….or better yet, plastic.