Flax or Chia?

Remember those commercials about how a chia pet would enhance your life?  While there has never been a flax pet, which seed is most beneficial for your health? If you could only choose one“super” seed which would it be? While both seeds are packed with nutrition, one is more nutrient-dense than the other. Following are 3 important comparisons: […]

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Silent Disruptors of Metabolism and Health

You’ve heard is a zillion times – just exercise and eat less. If it were JUST that simple life would be easy in terms of weight and health. This last week I heard an amazing talk called “Health and the Environment” by Tieraona Low Dog, MD, who is the Director of Fellowship for the Arizona […]

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Can Omega 3 Fats Help ADD And ADHD?

As a disclaimer I am not an expert in either ADD or ADHD so if you are reading this, please consult a physician who is an expert is this field as well. This blog addresses omega 3 fats, and their effect on the brain, particularly in children. What are the omega 3’s and how do […]

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