The End of Alzheimer’s:  The Bredesen Protocol

End Alzheimer’s? Reverse cognitive decline?  Dale Bredesen’s new book The End of Alzheimer’s was published just 2 weeks ago and I finished reading it this weekend.  I’ll start by stating it is impossible to summarize all the important information in this book so if interested it’s well worth the read. Dr. Bredesen meticulously outlines the […]

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News from the American Diabetes Association 77th Sessions:  The Link between Diabetes, Heart and Liver disease, Alzheimer’s and Cancer

Going to a conference with 17,000 people is not exactly my cup of tea but conferences are imperative to staying up to date with research so down to San Diego I went. I won’t bore you with all the research technicalities but rather give you the bottom line which is more interesting that you may […]

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Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: 3 Strategies To Prevent Cognitive Loss With Age

This past week I went to the International Menopause Society conference which had a good deal of research on aging, both for men and women. Victor Henderson, MD, a neurologist at Stanford gave a very interesting lecture on strategies to prevent cognitive loss with aging. He described three different scenarios with respect to brain aging: Normal brain aging with […]

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