New and Healthy Food Finds at the Natural Foods Expo West

I have a love-hate relationship with the Natural Foods Expo West that takes place in Anaheim each year. I love to go and find out what companies are up to with their products, how they interact with consumers, and how their products actually taste before I buy and/or recommend them. On the other hand, navigating through the […]

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Wheat and Insulin Resistance: What’s the Connection?

My recent trip to Europe for a diabetes conference made me once again think about the issue of wheat. The fat-free era encouraged lots of grains, which was further promoted by the now obsolete Food Guide Pyramid, which recommended 6-10 servings of grains. It seems like we are now in an era of each person trying to […]

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Lunching for Longevity: Anti-Inflammatory Eating

If I asked you whether you would want to live longer and avoid serious health issues, I’m pretty sure you’d answer with an unequivocal “Yes!” Advertisements are plentiful for all kinds of products and supplements that purport to improve longevity or fend off disease. What may be harder to find, however, are ways you can […]

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