News from the American Diabetes Association 77th Sessions:  The Link between Diabetes, Heart and Liver disease, Alzheimer’s and Cancer

Going to a conference with 17,000 people is not exactly my cup of tea but conferences are imperative to staying up to date with research so down to San Diego I went. I won’t bore you with all the research technicalities but rather give you the bottom line which is more interesting that you may […]

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What’s the 411 on Sugar versus Fat?

How many times have you ordered a salad without olive oil or dressed your greens WITH fat-free dressing thinking you were making the healthier choice? Do you opt for that low-fat yogurt instead of the full-fat version? For many years dietary fat has been considered the villain of all food groups. Just muttering the word […]

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Fat in your Liver?

Ever hear of NAFLD – nonalcoholic fatty liver disease?  It is actually the most common chronic liver disease in America and coincidentally has almost nothing to do with fat. Many days my clients will bring me in a copy of their blood work and say “my doctor says I have fatty liver” and in the […]

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