Nearly Naked Foods

With so many food terms thrown around such as “raw,” “naked,” and “clean” eating how does one stay centered and know how to navigate with our ever-changing food supply? Sometimes the simplest way to eat healthfully is eating “nearly naked foods.” What does nearly naked foods look like? How can we keep our meals simple […]

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Tasty Seasoning without Salt

Tired of bland old chicken? Want to have a tasty meal, but not sure how to use spices correctly. You’re not alone. Research shows the number one reason people choose the food that they eat is taste. So how do you flavor your foods in a way that is tasty and healthy? Last week, we […]

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WHY Should I Cut Down On My Salt?

I was sitting at a restaurant the other day, waiting for my food to arrive, when I noticed the couple sitting next to us. Their food had just arrived and before the waiter could ask if they needed anything else, they both grabbed the saltshaker. I wonder if we’ve become so conditioned to adding salt […]

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