Easy Gluten-Free Guilt-Free Pizza?

You’re craving your favorite pizza but know you can’t really afford the carbohydrates as you’re watching your weight and health!  Here’s a solution to both your quandaries and it’s easier than you realize.  Not only are these simple pizzas healthy, gluten-free and easy but they can be made in less time that it takes to […]

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Whole Grain Reality

Every day someone walks into my office touting a statement by a health-care professional or newspaper on the importance of whole grains. Thank goodness the Food Guide Pyramid is dead, which promoted large amounts of carbohydrates and “whole grains.” Since I see the everyday effects of whole grains on weight, insulin resistance and disease I […]

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Alternatives for Starches

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “what can I substitute for starchy carbs that tastes good?’ Mother Nature has provided us with natural alternatives to starches packed with nutrients and natural carbohydrates that don’t raise insulin levels and keep blood sugars on a more even keel.  These sustitutions are great for […]

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