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As one of the top West Coast Nutrition Experts Susan can help you with:

Exploring Food and Energy Levels

  • Carbohydrate/Protein/Fat: Is there a balance which works for your genetics and metabolism?
  • Addiction/Cravings to certain food groups or types.
  • Fueling your body to increase vitality and stabilize your energy levels.
  • Exercising to maximize your energy and improve sleep patterns.
  • The Food/Mood Connection.

Weight Management:

  • Healing your relationship with food.
  • Eating from physical vs. emotional hunger.
  • Mindful/physically-connected eating.
  • Finding an organized way of eating which fits into your lifestyle.
  • Learning how to have food be a source of pleasure rather than anxiety.

Medical Areas of Concern:

  • Diabetes: discover ways to control your blood sugars through the correct balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat.
  • Heart Disease: learn how different types of fats influence the cholesterol panel, and decrease cardiovascular disease.
  • Arthritis: gain knowledge of food types that have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body and avoid those foods that are pro-inflammatory.
  • Cancer: find out how foods that contain phytochemicals can decrease the incidence of cancer
  • Pregnancy: learn about how to eat for a healthy pregnancy, and how to eat if you have gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or other pregnancy-related medical problems.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: comprehend how nutrition and diet can help with symptoms of PCOS.
  • Infertility: ascertain whether a change in your diet can help with conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy to term.


  • What is the latest thinking on taking vitamin supplements?
  • What are phytochemicals and how can I maximize them in my eating plan?
  • Are herbs useful or safe? How much calcium or iron is needed on a daily basis?

Putting it All Together:

Learning to fuel your body by optimizing the balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat, keeping your metabolism strong with regular meals, and eating from true physiological hunger is what Susan teaches her clients. When evaluating your diet, Susan looks at your weight distribution, blood chemistry levels, energy, and exercise patterns to design a program that is individual for you.

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