Wellness Coaching

francechairCould one conversation change your life?

  • Do you feel stuck in moving forward with making decisions or implementing behaviors that contribute to your health?
  • Are you always finding excuses why it’s easier not to make healthy meals or stay active?
  • Are you lacking the motivation to take charge of healthy behaviors?

Wellness coaching is a process that facilitates healthy sustainable behavior change by drawing on your own inner wisdom and values.  Many times we just need someone to help us hear our own expert voice and what is getting in the way of taking action.

Susan is a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Member of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of trainers, an organization that supports a client-directed approach for resolving ambivalence with respect to behavior change.

Susan works with you in a collaborative way to help find the lifestyle path that works best for your needs.  She will briefly discuss what your goals are ahead of time and then during the first session goals, direction and plans can be mapped out depending on one’s situation.

Typically wellness coaching is between 3-5 sessions.  The initial session is 1.5 hours and subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.  For more information please call Susan at 310-828-4476 or email Susan.

Sessions can be done in person, on the phone or via Skype.

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